Supporting Education, Art, Social Services, Youth, Health & The Environment.


The Brittingham family’s tradition of philanthropy has its roots in Madison, Wisconsin, where lumberman Thomas Evans Brittingham donated a significant portion of his estate in addition to his family home to the University of Wisconsin and the city of Madison in the early 1900s. Since then, our efforts have included international scholarships as well as domestic support of Wisconsin arts, education, and social services.



The founding of the Brittingham Family Foundation in 1997 by Ella and Scott Brittingham enables us to widen our domestic support beyond Wisconsin, while still continuing to fund some of the original programs. Initial giving has been in support of universities, colleges, schools, and hospitals that have been influential in our lives. Future giving will focus primarily on education and health in California, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

Please note that the foundation does not make grants to individuals, or to institutions outside the United States.